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Sundays  •  9:45 & 11 am  •  On Demand


Alternatives to Livestream for Sunday Services
  •  FACEBOOK LIVE (Sundays, 9:45 am)
  •  YOUTUBE (on demand) 
  •  Audio of online traditional worship (anytime during the week): 972.219.6058
In light of the current pandemic situation:

  •  Masks are optional. We urge worshipers to follow current CDC recommendations to wear a mask indoors if not fully vaccinated. 
  •  Our fully vaccinated Sunday staff members are not wearing masks but are prepared to put on masks when encountering mask-wearing worshipers. 
  •  We aren't taking reservations for worship, but we are utilizing electronic attendance registration on iPads or on your personal device (via the FUMCR app or
  •  Seating is fully open. 
  •  All are invited to sing.

Sermon Series

July 25 - Aug 8 : Trust the Process

From sports to music to professional development to parenting, many of us have had a coach or mentor tell us to “trust the process.” Our ultimate goals are rarely achieved overnight! Join us for this three-week sermon series as we discuss how our spiritual development requires similar dedication as well as the practical Biblical principles to help us along the way.

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